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LC/Fiber - Laser Cutter
laser cutter by dye
Introducing the Dye LC/Fiber laser. These laser cutting machines are designed and built for customers who demand precision, speed, durability and lower total cost of ownership; allowing owners to increase productivity and lower operating costs.

The Dye LC/Fiber laser is based on a proven design featuring build rigidity, reliability and quality components, including quality German made Siemens controllers, world leading IPG Laser Generators and robust Precitec cutting heads. An ideal investment for those that want to maximise productivity and return, whether for jobbing work or large production runs.

The Dye LC/Fiber offers customers the latest in solid state laser cutting technology through usage of the IPG laser generator system that provides precision, speed, versatility and reliability; and with the low maintenance and low operating cost fiber lasers are renowned for.

The use of quality fiber from the laser generator to the cutting head, eliminates the use of mirrors and laser gas, and hence the associated cost of continuous mirror alignment and laser gas regeneration that is associated with CO2 machines.

The laser cutting system uses precision rack and pinion drives providing high speed cutting and high acceleration, low energy consumption, and the reliability that precision laser cutting demands.

Please note:
This data is provided under certain testing conditions. Even if the part is of the same material, the cutting quality may vary due to factors such as chemical composition of the material or shape being cut.
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LC/Fiber Laser Cutter - features
Precitec cutting head
The last link in the laser supply is the cutting head with processing optics, the laser beam is focused by the lens in the cutting head and directed onto the material by the nozzle.

DYE LC/Fibre laser cutting machines utilise the high end German made Precitec Pro Cutter with matching integrated sensor system.

The Precitec head has integrated temperature-stable, fast and completely drift-free distance sensors for laser cutting applications. These sensors measure and control the distance required between cutting nozzle and workpiece via a fully-automated process. Material unevenness is equalized enabling the cutting head to perform complex two-dimensional cuts with high accuracy and high speed.

CNC controller by Siemens
The pinnacle in German engineering, the Siemens SINUMERIK 840D sl laser controller is the ultimate performer and considered by many to be the benchmark CNC in the laser cutting field.

The SINUMERIK 840D sl provides an almost inexhaustible potential when it comes to CNC computational performance by using drive-based high-performance NCUs (Numerical Control Units) that are equipped with the latest multicore processor technology. Dye LC/ Fiber lasers demand extreme processing speeds for all axes, while still maintaining repeatability and above all reliability; all of which are provided by this quality German engineered Siemens controller.

IPG laser generator
Incorporating the YLS series high power Ytterbium fiber laser system generator.

Dye LC/Fibre lasers use the world leading IPG laser source. IPG’s extensive manufacturing capabilities place IPG in the rare position of being in full control of every step needed to deliver innovative, reliable, high quality and high performance fiber lasers. This is exemplified best through IPG’s most popular laser family, the YLS Series.

LC/Fiber Laser Cutter - software features.
Sheet program for cutting
(includes remnant sheet utilisation ability)
Detailed production reports
Metalix cncKad programming software
The cncKad software provides an integrated system of offline programming from initial drawing or cad file importation through to NC programming for the Dye LC/Fibre laser. This includes;

  • Drafting
  • Processing
  • AutoNest
  • Post-Processing

cncKad includes a comprehensive drawing facility including predefined parametric shapes often used in the sheet metal industry. The software also provides the connection between your, or your customers, CAD drawing and Dye LC/Fibre laser, and is designed for optimum ease of use. cncKad’s intuitive user interface and logical structure enable new users to be productive with the minimum of training. In just a few clicks you can generate efficient programs, while optimising material utilisation and machine burn time.

cncKad offers a full range of CAD/CAM capabilities for the sheet metal working environment. From the extensive and powerful CAD commands you can quickly and easily design and process the components in cncKad for your Dye LC/Fibre laser. Or alternatively you can import drawings from systems using standard CAD exchange files such as DXF, DWG, IGES and others. Layer recognition is standard with quick isolation of relevant geometry with integrated software cleaning features.

  • Simulation
  • Import and Export
  • Multi-language support

LC/Fiber Laser Cutter - features continued.
Pallet changer
Hydraulically operated automatic pallet changer offering autonomous loading and unloading of material into the Dye LC/Fibre laser.

Plinth design
Featuring a solid plinth design that, prior to final precision machining, is annealed as a single piece in a soak oven over a 48 hour period. This dual drive gantry base offers exceptional rigidity and stability enabling high acceleration speeds while maintaining accuracy.

Dust and fume extraction is provided by way of a downdraft fume extractor system integrated into the plinth. This can then be pumped into the atmosphere or through an optional dust extraction filtering unit.

Synchronised dual drive of X axes
Dye LC/Fibre lasers adopt superior gantry design powered by twin synchronised high speed longitudinal servomotors. Positioning is via precision rack & pinion to attain acceleration speeds up to 2G with positioning accuracy of 0.03mm.

Y axis beam
This aircraft grade aluminium cast beam is finite analysis designed to provide the precise weight to rigidity ratio to minimise deflection and maintain accuracy under extreme axis travel speeds that the Dye LC/ Fibre laser provides.

LC/Fiber Laser Cutter - features continued.
Automatic head calibration and cleaning
Dye LC/Fibre lasers adopt a 16 point calibration process on start-up, ensuring the head stand-off is precise and accurate to provide consistent cut quality even when the sheet material is uneven.

Positioned on the bed adjacent to the Z axis height calibration pad, an automatic head cleaning pad is provided with auto clean function to prolong the life of the interchangeable laser cutting head nozzles.

Axes transmission.
Incorporating the use of rack and pinion, and linear guides systems from renowned suppliers NSK & THK for outstanding precision and stability during high speed movements

Laser output power modulation.
During the cutting process the laser output power is instantaneously regulated according to the cut profile path, reducing or increasing the laser power and machine speed as necessary. This is especially relevant around tight corners and small profiles to enhance cutting performance and minimise over-burn.

Automatic edge finding
To further reducing set up time, and to maximise burn time, the Dye LC/Fibre laser will automatically alignment the 2D cut profile to the actual material orientation as loaded on the machine bed. This is achieved through a sensor on the cutting head which detects the actual sheet edge, calculates material orientation, then automatically adjusts the 2D program orientation to the real-time position.

LC/Fiber Laser Cutter - features continued.
Laser chiller
Integral to keeping the IPG solid state fibre laser generator and Precitec cutting head operating at optimal efficiency is a temperature controlled water chiller unit.

Automatic machine lubrication
A standard feature on the Dye LC/Fibre lasers is a pressurised fully automatic timed lubrication system, ensuring linear ways, ball screws and rack and pinions are keep in optimum condition with minimal operator involvement.

Pressure control & auto gas selection
Different cut finishes can be achieved using either compressed air, nitrogen or oxygen to blow the molten metal from the laser cut process through the cutting head nozzle. The Dye LC/Fibre laser incorporates automatic gas changeover as selected. Control parameters are also pre-programmed for different materials, cutting speeds, power and gas selection.

Air cutting function
Save on gas consumables by utilising your existing factory’s compressed air supply (via an installed drier) hence reducing running costs. Whilst using compressed air can reduce cut quality and kerf compared to using oxygen or nitrogen, it does offer a significant saving in some applications.